American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Expanding the Science of Dentistry

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) promotes research and the clinical use of oral appliances and upper airway surgery for the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders (SBD) and provides training and resources for those who work directly with patients.

AADSM members collaborate with colleagues to learn about oral appliances and the role they play in the treatment of SBD. The organization builds bridges and forms relationships with the medical community, especially in sleep centers, and other professional groups who play an integral part of the SBD treatment and research team. The AADSM also reaches out to the community at large, working toward the creation of a positive public awareness of sleep disorders and the role of the dentist in recognition and treatment of SBD.

The AADSM helps educate practitioner dentists through clinical meetings that keep leading-edge ideas accessible and establishes and maintains appropriate treatment protocol. It is the intention and mandate of the AADSM to address the issues of dental sleep medicine through the results of evidence based research.
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