American Sleep Association
The American Sleep Association (ASA) is a national organization focused on improving public awareness about sleep disorders and sleep health, promoting sleep medicine research, and providing a portal for communication between patients, physicians/healthcare professionals, corporations, and scientists. The ASA is a member-driven public service project that depends on volunteer efforts.

About ASA
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The American Sleep Association (ASA) was formed in 2002 by physicians and scientists who recognized that there was an increasing need for the education of health care professionals and the general public in regards to sleep health and sleep disorders.

The ASA is a member-driven public service project that depends on volunteer efforts. We believe that every member (physician, scientist, allied health care, technologist, patient, family member, and corporate) can offer some beneficial information to other members. By sharing knowledge, experience, and resources with each other, we collectively will have a dramatic impact on the field of Sleep.

The field of Sleep Medicine has appreciated a tremendous amount of growth over the past several decades. Sleep clinicians and scientists have uncovered many of the mysteries of sleep. Recently, sleep medicine has become a credentialed field under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Sleep has also become a popular topic in the media.

Unfortunately, most individuals with sleep disorders still go undiagnosed and untreated. Training sleep physicians is an important part of the solution. But, given the number of untreated patients, and the paucity of sleep physicians, the key solution to this ubiquitous problem will require a dominant role by primary care physicians and allied health professionals.

Over the past 6 years, the ASA has helped to educate thousands of people on the importance of sleep health and the recognition of sleep disorders.

The ASA provides an interactive forum and comprehensive database of information for the general public, physicians and scientists, allied healthcare professionals, and sleep technologists.

This year we have made exciting improvements to our organization. Our new website offers a user-friendly and interactive interface to access information and connect with others. Public and corporate support has enabled us to provide all of our services and references for free to all members. Membership is also free with online registration.

We will continue to add new services that will ensure that the ASA will remain the premier organization for sleep education and sleep health support. We encourage you to visit on a regular basis and to contribute your knowledge, experience, and resources.
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