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About Awake In America

Awake In America is a national non-profit Pennsylvania corporation focused on sleep and sleep disorder issues. We do not focus on any one specific sleep disorder or issue, as sleep disturbances caused by any issue, whether it is transient insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs, or shift work, all go back to our core focus: sleep. Ensuring individuals from all walks of life get the proper amount of quality sleep is our goal.

One of Awake In America's priorities is helping others quickly and easily launch successful community education and support groups. A good support system, built on current, unbiased information is critical to helping others achieve a restful night's sleep.

Another major goal is tied, indirectly linked to helping others launch support groups, are our educational outreach programs geared toward health care providers; elected officials and other representatives at various levels of government; public education and awareness programs; corporate and business outreach, education, and awareness; and legislative advocacy.

Assisting individuals in need with help in obtaining sleep studies to diagnose sleep apnea through our Sleep Study Relief Program is another priority.

Because sleep apnea can be a silent killer, another priority is ensuring that individuals with diagnosed sleep apnea have the equipment they need to treat the disorder through our xPAP Donation and Relief Program.

Missions of Awake In America, Inc.

1. Promote the organization of local Awake In America groups

* Awake In America plans assists others with quickly and successful launching sleep disorder groups around the country. Awake In America provides individuals with tools, information, guidance on how to successfully launch a local chapter in their community, and local chapters have access to specific information and other resources on the Awake In America’s Web site that only group leaders may access. Local groups operate independently of Awake In America, but will share a common goal of educating and increasing public awareness about sleep and sleep disorders. Groups are not required to list their information on the Awake In America site, although that option is available, as a benefit, and offers additional promotion around the world for free.

2. Create Sleep Awareness Among the General Public and Corporate America

* Awake In America strives to creates awareness of proper sleep, sleep issues, and sleep disorders among the general public, as well as businesses of all sizes. A variety of methods are employed to deliver the messages and information, including limited advertising, Sleepcasts, RSS feeds, and video and audio public service announcements — both on the Awake In America site, as well as on digital media for broadcast outlets and businesses to use. The goal is to create awareness of potential problems related to lack of sleep deprivation, sleep disorders, and how quality sleep benefits everyone. We seek to continue creating materials, including videos, brochures, and other handouts that employers may use, as several corporations are already doing, for employees who appear to be suffering sleep-related issues.

3. Create Sleep Awareness Among Allied Healthcare Professionals

* Awake In America will continue working on awareness and education efforts focused on sleep and sleep disorders with allied health professionals around the country. These efforts are primarily aimed at primary care physicians, to help educate them about warning signs of sleep-related issues and sleep disorders. Our efforts help them better identify individuals at greater risk of sleep disorders, as well as other mitigating conditions, such as stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, congestive heart failure, mood swings, excessive daytime, sleepiness, and sexual dysfunction. Awake In America will seek to work with others who have direct contact with the identified healthcare professionals to get accurate, up-to-date information to their offices, as well as working to get patient education information in the offices, as well.

4. Fundraising Memberships

* Awake In America will design and offer fundraising memberships to individuals and corporations. Based on the amount of the contribution, members will receive benefits.

5. Create Sleep Awareness Among Government and Elected Officials

* Awake In America continues working with various government officials and agencies around the country, creating awareness of sleep-related issues and sleep disorders. Government officials include those involved with various state and federal agencies overseeing transportation, state police agencies, as well as health and human services agencies. Elected officials include mayors, city council members, governors, and senators, among others. These efforts are primarily aimed at raising awareness of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders as prime sources of fatigue, as well as helping to address issues such as fatigued driving, fatigue-related accidents, and other such issues that impact society as a whole. Another area of education and awareness would be to help increase awareness that early detection and treatment can lead to healthier citizens, thereby helping reduce potential future burdens to society.

6. Awake In America Website

* Awake In America continues adding content to its Web site to educate individuals with sleep issues, as well as sleep disorders. By maintaining an organizational Web site that serves as a resource center or clearinghouse for up-to-date, valid, unbiased information, the site will provide, information, resources, and tools about sleep, sleep hygiene, sleep disorders, proper diagnosis, travel, and insurance issues. We also plan to continue to add to the selection of self-scoring quizzes available on the site, as well as tips and hints for those diagnosed with a variety of sleep issues and sleep disorders, as well as a live chat area, and implement a bulletin board. The site also serves as a host for our Sleepcasts, RSS feeds, and PSAs.
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