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Accredited sleep disorders centers and/or sleep related breathing laboratory are invited to become a center member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Membership is separate from accreditation. It is also voluntary. All of the facilities listed in this site are AASM center members.

A sleep center can help detect and treat any sleep disorder that may trouble you. A sleep center may be organized in the following three ways:
1. hospital based
2. university based
3. privately owned or "freestanding"

The AASM sets strict rules for centers and labs to follow. The mission of the AASM is to assure the highest quality of care for patients. The AASM accredits two types of sleep disorders medical facilities. Both types of operations must meet the same high standards.

1. Sleep Disorders Centers

A center must provide testing and treatment for all sleep disorders.

2. Laboratories for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

The focus of a laboratory is on sleep-related breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea. For other sleep disorders, you may be referred to a sleep disorders center.


Standards that the facilities have to meet in order to receive accreditation from the AASM include:
* Their medical director must be a physician who has been licensed by the state.

He or she must have a proven expertise in sleep disorders medicine. This person is in charge of the overall patient care for the program.
* They must have on staff a sleep specialist who has been certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

Also known as a Diplomate of the ABSM, he or she must have an MD, DO or PhD degree with a doctoral specialty in a health-related field. His or her job will be to certify the results of all sleep studies and train the technical staff. He or she needs one year of full-time training in clinical sleep disorders or equivalent. His or her experience must include the evaluation of at least 400 patients. A center always must have a specialist on its staff. In contrast, a laboratory may have a pulmonologist (lung specialist) with expertise in sleep medicine.
* Their testing rooms must provide for the privacy, comfort and security of patients.
* All staff must continue to take classes on an annual basis.

This will further their working knowledge of current technology and procedures.
* All fees and billing must comply with both federal and state regulations.
* They have to adhere to all federal, state, and local regulations for the operation of a medical practice.
* They also must follow the American Medical Association’s “Code of Medical Ethics.”

The Accreditation Committee is made up of the National Chair and nine other sleep specialists from across the U.S. A site visit must prove to the Committee and the AASM Board of Directors that a facility meets all of the standards. If this is the case, then full accreditation is granted for five years.

The cost that you pay for services at a sleep center may vary from one site to another. It may also vary from one part of the country to another. An insurance policy that covers outpatient tests such as an x-ray or an EEG should also cover an overnight sleep study. Medicaid and Medicare may have more rigid policies of coverage. Many insurance providers require that a site be accredited before they will cover expenses for sleep services.

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