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Launched in 2008, the NBC Digital Health Network is a new business created under the NBC Universal Digital Media group and is focused on the multi-platform distribution of premium health video. Utilizing the original, condition-specific and healthy living videos created weekly across the company, the NBC Digital Health Network enables increased patient education by providing its distribution partners with the robust content they need to create an informative viewing experience for the millions of users looking for health information wherever they may be.

The NBC Digital Health Network reaches consumers with relevant health and wellness information from multiple distribution platforms that include, The Patient Channel and The Newborn Channel. offers consumers a rich video library on health topics ranging from healthy aging to diseases and conditions to children's health. The Patient Channel provides credible and trusted television programming information to patients and their families in over 1,600 hospitals across the country.

The Newborn Channel produces baby care and postpartum programming for new parents in over 1,000 hospitals nationwide. Combined, they reach over18MM viewers annually. Other multi-platform distribution partners include Healthline Networks, RightHealth, Wellness Wireless and National Cable Communications (NCC) Spot Cable. Combined, the distribution reaches 30MM homes annually through VOD and 9MM viewers online.
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