Sleep, Interrupted - Steven Y. Park
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Discover the real reasons behind your fatigue...

Maybe you're stressed out and tired, and have put on a little weight. Or you have persistent pain you and your doctor can't explain. Man or woman, you may be fighting fluctuating hormone levels. Or maybe you snore like a freight train.

Anything that narrows the throat and interrupts sleep, particularly breathing problems brought on by sleep position, illness, life changes, or your anatomy, may be key to understanding a host of common health issues. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Steven Park outlines a simple, rational explanation for what s making you sick, and provides guidance for treatment options that address specific health problems.

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* Amazon Sales Rank: #282299 in Books
* Published on: 2008-09-29
* Binding: Hardcover
* 241 pages

Editorial Reviews

Both patients and physicians must read Dr. Park's unique and enlightening perspective on health issues related to poor breathing. --Dean Ornish, M.D., Author of New York Times bestseller, Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease

The unique concepts presented by Dr. Park questions traditional models of health and disease and challenges physicians and patients alike to be inspired towards better health. --Mark Liponis, M.D., co-author of New York Times Bestseller, UltrapreventionMark Liponis, M.D., co-author of New York Times Bestseller, Ultraprevention

There are many good books on better breathing. But none of them address why you need to breathe well when sleeping. Let Dr. Steven Park, an ENT physician, show you how you can breathe better while sleeping. Not only will this improve your energy, it can also save your life. --Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of New York Times bestseller, The Wisdom of Menopause

About the Author
Dr. Steven Y. Park is an author and surgeon who helps people who are always sick or tired to once again reclaim their health and energy. For the past 10 years in private practice, he has helped thousands of men and women breathe better, sleep better, and live more fulfilling lives. His passion is to identify and empower people to overcome sleep-related breathing problems, which most people don't realize is the real reason for many of their common medical ailments.

Dr. Park practices integrative medicine and surgery, with a firm belief that other models of health and disease can complement traditional, Western medicine. He provides monthly live tele-seminars with experts not only related to his field, but also professionals in other areas he has interviewed an acupuncturist, dietician, and a neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis expert in the past. He firmly believes that one must treat the whole person first, including addressing his or her diet, lifestyle, stresses and emotional states, rather than focusing on one simple symptom or area of the body.
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