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On average people spend one third of their lifetime sleeping. An understanding of the physiology and pathophysiological changes that take place during this time is, therefore, essential to the medical care of patients. Sleep disorders can arise from a variety of causes including respiratory, psychiatric and neurological conditions, as well as pain and lifestyle changes. Consequently, they present to a wide range of clinicians who require an overview of their diagnosis and treatment.

The book is divided into three sections. The first group of chapters consider the fundamentals of sleep, the effects of drugs on sleep and how to assess sleep complaints. The main body of the book consists of chapters on individual sleep disorders. Each of these has a structured approach, outlining both assessment and treatment. Insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, awareness during sleep and behavioural abnormalities are covered. The final chapters deal with the important respiratory consequences of upper airway dysfunction, changes in the control of breathing during sleep and the social implications of sleep problems. There will be a major revision on the chapter on the physiological basis of sleep and medicine in view of advances in the understanding of the neurochemistry, and philosophy of sleep. The chapter on insomnia will be expanded to take into account the approach in primary care, self-help techniques for patients and advances in behavioural and psychological treatments. In addition, there will be greater coverage of the social effects of daytime sleepiness, particularly road traffic accidents and a major review of narcolepsy in view of the latest knowledge of genetic and chemical underlying abnormalities.

Essential practical manual for those encountering patients with sleep disorders
Revised and expanded sections on insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness and new drugs
New information on medical complications of sleep apnoeas and guidance on investigations and treatments
Key points to highlight clinical features of the different sleep-related diseases

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"A well-written single-author text is a ratiry,m and this one is a pleasure to read. If I could only own one of the many sleep texts I currently own, this would be it." Dr John LaWall, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Vol.2, No. 3, 2006

"A well-written single-author text is a ratiry,m and this one is a pleasure to read. If I could only own one of the many sleep texts I currently own, this would be it." Dr John LaWall, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Vol.2, No. 3, 2006

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Sleep medicine is a rapidly developing discipline and recent advances have greatly improved the outlook for many patients. Nevertherless, sleep disorders still often go unrecognized, resulting in potentially avoidable morbility.

Sleep Medicine: A Guide to Sleep and Its Disorders is a practical reference which will be invaluable to physicians faced with sleep related problems, including sleep specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists, respiratory physicians, general (internal) physicians, paediatricians, geriatricians and general practitioners.

Based on the successful first edition Handbook of Sleep Medicine by the same author, this is a comprehensive work on sleep and its disorders emphasising not only the scientific background and physiological basis, but also the clinical features and social context. The clinical chapters are symptom-based and cover important topics, such as sleep apnoeas and narcolepsy. There is a separate chapter on the effects of drugs on sleep and an account of how to investigate sleep disorders. The Impact of age is highlighted and there are specific sections in several of the chapters on the care of children and the elderly. There is a new chapter on the nature and causes of dreams and nightmares. The legal and social aspects, particularly of transportations, are emphasised.

About the Author
Dr Shneerson is a consultant physician and Director of the Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, which has an internationa reputation. The Centre offers a comprehensive service including a narcolepsy programme, and specializes in the management of respiratory problems during sleep. A recognized expert in sleep disorders, Dr. Shneerson has authored over 300 publications in sleep and respiratory medicine.
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