Sleep Research Society
Purpose & Goals

The Sleep Research Society is a member organization of scientists that exists to foster scientific investigation on all aspects of sleep and its disorders, to promote training and education in sleep research, and to provide forums for the exchange of knowledge pertaining to sleep.

The Sleep Research Society, through its members and leadership, is organized exclusively for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes. The SRS and its members foster scientific research investigation in all areas of sleep.

The Goals of the Sleep Research Society are as follows:
* To provide forums for the exhange of information pertaining to sleep research, including scientific publications and meetings,
* To establish and maintain standards of reporting and classifying data in the field of sleep research, and
* To collaborate with other organizations to foster scientific investigation on sleep and its disorders.


Contact Us
Nick Cekosh
SRS Coordinator
1 Westbrook Corporate Center #920
Westchester IL 60154
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