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The Talk About Sleep Mission: to be a world leader in the sleep field by providing quality information, support and resources to sleep disorder patients, their family, friends and healthcare professionals.

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* How Can Talk About Sleep Help Me?
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What Is Talk About Sleep?

Talk About Sleep is a service organization dedicated to information and awareness regarding sleep issues. Its methodology is to assemble an international sleep community consisting of individuals, physicians, commercial interests, and others to create a unified voice on sleep related matters and to channel market resources into sleep related pursuits. Moreover, Talk About Sleep seeks to educate the public at large, and the medical community in particular, to increase the number of sleep diagnoses. In this way, sleep disorders will be brought into the medical mainstream and the damage from this devastating family of medical disorders will be minimized.

How Can Talk About Sleep Help Me?

Talk About Sleep provides a collection of tools for the individual and professional. The individual will receive a vast array of information offerings covering topics ranging from healthy sleep to sleep disorders and dreaming. The information is offered free and on a 24x7 basis via the Internet. Real-time, online support is also offered and includes Internet chats, message boards, and toll-free hotlines. The physician will receive an information resource and a source of educational and operational tools aimed at creating a more effective professional. All of these offerings are offered free of charge and at your convenience.

Will Talk About Sleep Cost Me Anything?

Talk About Sleep is free to the individual and professional member seeking knowledge and/or support. Talk About Sleep will never divulge the names of its individual or professional members nor will it ever sell names or demographic information. You will never receive a message from anyone other than Talk About Sleep as a result of your membership. We urge you to read our privacy policy and proceed with the knowledge that it will be adhered to meticulously.

Who Pays For Talk About Sleep?

Revenue is derived from manufacturers and other commercial members seeking to communicate with the sleep market. This is done via advertising, forums, email, and other communication options. Talk About Sleep will provide a one-to-one Internet marketing solution to the pharmaceutical, medical device and other sleep-related manufacturers. Other operational tools include employment boards, continuing medical education credits, surveys, polls, mailing services, and Internet tools.

How Was Talk About Sleep Started?

Talk About Sleep grew from the vision of two individuals, Tracy Nasca, a sleep patient and zealot who advocated for increasing awareness of sleep problems and Dr. James C. O'Brien MD, FCCP, D'ABSM, who's cutting edge posture and aggressive approaches to patient management fostered Talk About Sleep. Their vision has been augmented by dozens of volunteers, patients and others who have generously shared their experiences and skills to make this project possible. Talk About Sleep is still a "work in progress" and as such welcomes feedback and opinions from all participants and from you - the visitor.

Is Talk About Sleep Non-Profit?

Talk About Sleep is a for profit company. When formulating the Talk About Sleep strategy, it was decided that it would not be possible in the non-profit mode to mount the scale of bold initiative required to generate sufficient impact on sleep disorder awareness. Given the varying business factions present in the sleep medicine and business community, it was required that a grassroots program be devised to join the individual members with a connection to sleep into a cohesive community. This program, by necessity, had to be non-politically motivated and broadly based with the single goal of creating sleep awareness and patient advocacy. The decision was made to proceed as a for profit organization with a highly defined business model geared to redirect resources within the sleep community for benefit of the sleep patient.

Can I Call Talk About Sleep?

Talk About Sleep plans to offer 24x7 telephone support in the future. This program is not operational at this time. In the interim, please write or email a Talk About Sleep representative and your correspondence will be promptly answered. An announcement will be made when telephone service commences.

How Can I Help Talk About Sleep?

Talk About Sleep is growing by word of mouth as its message of hope and strength travels throughout the sleep community. It is a grassroots effort, and depends on involved people. The best way to help this growth is to "tell a friend" to visit our web site. Other methods include:

* Tell your doctor that a new patient support resource is available to help newly diagnosed patients
* Communicate with us about how we may improve Talk About Sleep - use the suggestion box feature
* Post a message on your favorite Internet message board or list service telling them about the new resource available
* Mention Talk About Sleep at support group meetings and other such gatherings
Join in and be an active sleep community member
* Promote sleep disorder awareness everyday

The goal is to get people involved and to visit or call Talk About Sleep to learn about the resources available. Leave the rest up to us!

As always, your help and patronage is greatly appreciated.
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