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Me, too.
My name is Jonella and that's why I created iSleepless.Com. Insomnia is one subject I know only too well. And I wanted to offer more than the simple,
detached information I found on other sites.
I wanted to offer REAL HELP - information that would actually aid you in getting to sleep TONIGHT.

You'll find all kinds of remedies under 99 REMEDIES,(see navigation bars to left - they're on every page), PLUS gentle processes and techniques such as Relaxation Breathing, Help Coping with Worries & Troubles, Affirmations to Help You Calm Down and Go To Sleep, our Six-Step Sleepyhead Relaxation Program, (especially helpful if you're anxious, worried or upset), helpful LINKS OF INTEREST plus other help for depression and grieving issues (common causes of insomnia.)

CHECK THROUGH THE NAVIGATION BARS TO THE LEFT for segments of special interest to you. We've included all the subjects we can think of that might be helpful ( - and we're always working on more.)

You can access any segment, from any other segment you're in, simply by clicking on the navigation bars to the left of the screen.

It will help us to create the most helpful site for you.
Just "e" us at: iSleepless@Earthlink.Net

(It's most helpful if you also tell us a bit about yourself, such as your age, gender, marital status, occupation, where you live - and whatever other information you'd like to share with us.)

We have found that we get a great many requests for personal help and advice but, honestly, we're not a professional - not at all - so we're not in a position to give much advice. All our advice is pretty much here on these pages.

We have found that some of the people who write us are suffering from anxiety and depression. Both anxiety and depression are treatable! YOU CAN GET HELP FOR THEM! We believe they are best treated by a professional therapist. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety we suggest you seek professional help. Please see our segment on Seeking Professional Help.

Sweet Dreams to you...

There you are tossing and turning, waiting for this simple, natural thing to happen - to fall asleep - even a baby can do it, for crying out loud - and yet that simple act eludes you - as though some power within opposes your most urgent wish and refuses to comply. It's as though some inner part of you is turned against the Real You. It's frustrating, upsetting and downright enraging - all of which only adds to the problem.
And it's made all the worse by your awareness that there will be repercussions the next day when you'll suffer from that awful draggy feeling with none of the get-up-and-go zip that's so great when you've had a proper night's sleep.

AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, perhaps the person lying next to you is sleeping oh-so-soundly - maybe even disturbing you with deep, rhythmic breathing - not to mention snoring - perhaps loudly.

While you may feel alone with your tossing and turning, the truth is you have loads of company - in case that's of comfort - which it probably isn't if you're visiting this site in the wee small hours of the morning.
[By the way - we've noticed, we get many more visitors on weeknights than on weekends. Why do you think that is?...]

It is estimated that more than 50 million people in the USA - over 20 percent of the population - suffer from insomnia, women slightly more than men. So, you see, you really do have plenty of company in your misery.

There are many causes of insomnia, some of them serious or complex, some physical or medical and some physio/ psychological, such as depression or severe anxiety and stress, among other causes.

First you should understand that insomnia [that is, persistent sleeplessness - not just the occasional problem] is basically not the real problem. The insomnia is a symptom of some other problem, which is the real problem. And some of the real problems at the root of insomnia may be serious and require medical or other treatment. That's why if your insomnia has been persistent for more than two or three weeks, we strongly recommend that you consult your medical doctor to rule out or treat possibly serious medical conditions.
Of course you should understand that iSleepless.Com is not a substitute for medical or other professional help when that is indicated.

To help you relax and be receptive to all that we offer in this program, we suggest you start with relaxation breathing. Takes just a minute (we're only going to do three breaths) (and you're going to be breathing anyway...) - AND it truly helps.
[Even I go through these steps when I come across the words. I find it helpful.]
Here we go...

Take a deep, deep breath through your nose.
Deeeeep - and slowwww - all the way in -
and release it slowly through your pursed lips
- like blowing a kiss - all the way out...

Once more - another deep, deep breath -
in through your nose - count up to 8... -
fill your lungs all the way to the bottom of your diaphragm - and very slowly, very gently - out through your pursed lips as you count down from 8...
Close your eyes, relax your muscles and allow the tension to leave your body.

And one more deeeeep breath - in through your nose...
And blow kiss - out slowly and gently through your pursed lips. And relax your muscles - all over - let every one of them relaaaax - like butter - like crusty, old snow melting on a sunny, spring morning - from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes.

Feel a bit better? We hope so.
Now we're ready to begin.

Any time you wish to do Relaxation Breathing, simply press the indicated navigation bar on the left. We recommend it to help you clear the mind, relax and prepare to help yourself. It's also a great "instant" de-stressor.

Breathing is Life.
And - Relaxation Breathing promotes Health and Healing.

If our website is helpful to you -
(and we hope it is) -
why not visit our Sleepless Boutique and
order some goodies? -
It will help us to pay the bills.
Thanks so much.

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